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It was not for nothing. This means you can simply move the controller, and the gimbal will match its orientation. This instruction will help you to build a simple remote controller with an LCD display for controlling a gimbal. It took some time from our team to adapt our solution to the demands of Hien. If you wish to change your order, please contact us promptly, as we won’t be able to make amendments once the order has been shipped. Magnetic field moves the rotor to the right position.

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The internal resistance for power motors is almost zero and it will overload and likely destroy the controller board. Its important to not connect the motors without battery power, as the USB port does not provide enough power and this could damage your board! Basing Gimbals on our solutions allows a wide range of gimgal to be stabilized, from GoPro to Red Epic.

To get all of this information including the firmware, User Manual and GUI software see the download section of our website.

Orders shipped outside the EU may be subject to customs charges. Follow the link for the 8-bit boards for the correct information. You may run this on a PC, Mac or Linux.


How to connect and setup Alexmos 3 axis brushless gimbal controller – Guides – DroneTrest

There is no need in complex and expensive high-definition encoders for each axis. It gives impressive quality of stabilization compared with regular servos. Hi, yes it does. Sorry, we don’t currently have any product related advice for this item. This is the second project from Mark. Last edited by JussiH; Mar 20, at The better the balance, the lower the current need for stabilization.

Sep 05, Otherwise if it is a genuine board it could be bricked, is to check out our firmware recovery guide Alexmos 32bit Firmware Upgrade Failed, is my board damaged?

By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to use of our Privacy Policy. Its just a matter of loading the 8bit or 32bit firmware. Remember Me Forgot Password?

Only 5-wire cable joins modules with the main controller. Images View all Images in thread. A post was split to a new topic: I am on the same situation.

SimpleBGC Gimbal (aka AlexMos gimbal) — Copter documentation

In addition, there is no backlash inherent gears or belts. Older Gimbal Controller Boards Our older gimbal controller boards required you to mount the Yaw axis board alesmos ontop of the main board as shown below Alexmos-connection.


To resolve this error simply make sure that you connect up the battery gimbao setting up the Yaw extension board and once you enable the YAW extension board it should all work fine.

Skip to main content. Is it necessary to get the unit to come to life? This instruction will help you to build a simple remote controller with an LCD display for controlling a gimbal. It still produces outstanding results.

BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC

You will need to complete the motor configuration page best to start by trying the auto config click auto buttonalso set the number of poles according to the motors you are using. Find out how to solve the issue. Xlexmos of the gimbal controllers you buy today include a battery connector.

Source code and details can be found here. How to perform a firmware recovery. Oct 09,