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You can record and monitor all 10 channels simultaneously in full duplex. Sometimes, I also connect keyboards and other sound generators. Everything seems to work but after a while the recording is arrtait noting too slow disk I do not know why. Today I rather would turn to a motu or apogee duet of o the number of enter is limited to two, but the quality of the pramplis is waiting for you test a guitar has nothing to do. I reproach him his preamp a bit feeble, with a good dedicated preamp or console it works. Sometimes the card is not recognized at once simply the dye and turn and no problem.

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If you’re looking for an audio interface capable of simultaneous multi-channel recording on your computer at the highest quality possible, you need the Edirol FA, particularly if you have FireWire. Originally written by Stoparach on Audiofanzine FR. Reason I chose it: You can also connect your midi devices to the FAbecause direwire supports midi in and out.

On the Front of the FAit also has a high impedance digital jack as well. Because of the FA’s ability to supply so many simultaneous inputs, it’s perfect for any portable audio application.


Edirol IEEE (FireWire) (FA) Sound Card | eBay

Did you find this review helpful? The preamps of my Soundcraft sound much better. Invest in yourself and your music, with the FA It is connected to a black MacBook Core2 Duo 2. Used for home-studio applications and mobile recording.

Edirol IEEE 1394 (FireWire) (FA101) Sound Card

I have a laptop everything is simpler with a amd 1. The FA is a 10 in and 10 out interface, it is also pretty small for all of its capabilities.

No worries for cons with my laptop. I tried other models from M Audio I find worse.

I already recorded six tracks simultaneously without a sweat. I use cubase with my FA is for my personal model is to save my little band live.

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After a few errors dplaisantes g nral we forget firewwire more rglage in question. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. If you want to connect a direct instrument in go your way The sound is all-in-fact correct. I used the FA with a mac book pro and it worked seamlessly and without any issues. Skip to main content.

Even if you select a different value in the software, the sample rate selected on the front panel apply. More items related to this product. Everything is already said, 2 mics preamps.

FA, FireWire audio interface from Edirol.


Audiofanzine the forum is here to save us. I use fruity loops 8 and Cubase SX 2, I had no problems with these two programs.

But ofcourse i get a good tone on my Guitar For it to be a little device you would expect it to have two separate pre amps and for it to be able to support recording as well as playback on up to 10 different channels. With my machine and a buffer a infrieure latency 10 ms I get about 8 audio tracks and 2 large virtual instrument compressors and equalizers on each track, reverb auxiliary and a multiband compressor master. I think that makes the software was a conversion in real time via virtual memory and once the catch in the premires not go back to Attention to the choice of “samplerate” in faade because even if you choose a diffrente value in the sound that comes frquence this software is blocked.

Set the sample rate on the front panel. For use purely computer is fine. Manual balance of direct monitoring and software output is very very convenient.