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Hello Velu In my opinion you can use what you want and nobody forced you to use Toshiba software. We want you to know that the best work possible went into your dreams. The BT-DG06B has a transmission range of up to 20 meters Class 2 and uses a Toshiba driver, which provides comprehensive Bluetooth applications and stereo audio transmission function. Really amazing was that this setup worked well with my another laptop but not with Toshiba. It works in both directions.

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In the past, if a user had to simultaneously connect to several Bluetooth-enabled devices and perform multiple tasks for example: No I don’t mean PIN. In addition, the new Bluetooth standard raises wireless transmission speed significantly to almost 3 times the speed of the old version.

This would explain your trouble with the BT stack installation. It is backwards-compatible with Bluetooth 1. It performs outstandingly in piconet applications. First I tried to install some toshiba made software which came with adapter from epox but install was failed everytime on my toshiba laptop.

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I bought Epox bluetooth dongle. Hello Velu In my opinion you can use what you want and nobody forced you to use Toshiba software. The original toshiba Bt-stack will also not work with the epox hardware. I use it via Microsoft BT bt-dg06bb which was already installed by default on my laptop Satellite m I use it mostly for data transfer.

I really mean PAN. I would definitely recommend as an alternative to granite.

Epox BT-DG06B – GSM-Forum

The new Bluetooth dongle can decrease power consumption by two thirds, has an improved bit error rate and better performance for piconet applications. No matter the size of the project, BTPoxycrete treats everything with the highest priority. That was what i wanted.

It works bt-dg0b both fpox. By the way, what computer you have and where did you installed Toshiba BT stack? The new Bluetooth 2. We get tons of compliments on the countertops. Tom was easy to get a hold of and easy to talk to. We were able to stay in our price range and got exactly what we were wanting.

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Welcome to the Toshiba Support Forum, created for customers and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss technology. It supports also bluetooth version 2. From the first consulation all the way through the length of your warranty, we pride ourselves on being honest, up front, and dependable. Not only can it enable speedy connection of multiple devices, but also guarantees normal performance during multi-tasking in a piconet. It will not work with toshiba BT hardware.


Now I must just activate BT on the notebook and that is all. BT is on board.

Why I should epix some other stack than windows stack? Our team of artists have discovered a way to create the worlds most lavish countertop and flooring looks, at an extremely affordable cost. At BTPoxycrete we want to make sure you are as happy as can be when the project is complete.

The operational interface is user-friendly and supports automatic detection of different languages.