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Over the past two years its incorrect plug size has eaten away at the power input jack, a component that is soldered to the motherboard. The computer is very acceptable for my software engineering and web site development needs. I started out not being able to see anything clearly: I like the clean option that is all sound related entries If you have purchased codecs then don’t remove them, but if they were automatic free downloads then I say yes why? Really just looking to see if any of the spec stand out for the particular price of each laptop. Do not settle for a pamphlet. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment.

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The salesman got me that price almost immediately, and he was very friendly about it. After all, the Circuit City technicians know which warranties apply, so clearly someone knows what a Gateway warranty looks like.

Did you try rocky1rocky1 suggestion: Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a gateeay.

No Audio Device After Clean XP Install

I loaded Pinball and it came up immediately. Three different Gateway reps worked with me via chat prior to finally taking the computer to Best Buy. The top right should be a Delete key. The display started out with some serious fuzziness, but once I got the display right through some display futzing and a miracleI was happy with the screen.


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Circuit City backs up the dead pixel policy of whatever the manufacturer warrants. The techs are great but corporate is a pain. No audio device on Win7, drivers from Asus won’t install Aug 20, How I actually got the display to work is still a mystery to me. We never found it. Back side of Gateway MX view larger image.

Gateway MX and GZ Review (pics, specs)

Battery The proprietary Sanyo 8-cell mm360 is a huge affair that takes up the width of the machine. The screen is a mirror when dark and pretty hard to get right when lit.

I only care about the business warranty, technical support complaints. Go back to Normal mode just restart and cancel any install of your found new hardware Install the above driver Wait until finished finding and installing all drivers Restart.

Long story short, when I asked for the manager the “Geek Squad” tech said “you can call for her but they are just going to uadio what I say. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and the some of the stuff you have posted.

They were helpful, very pleasant and totally on my side about wanting to see the contracts before I purchased the machine.

Most disks really churn loading those Adobe libraries, and the GZ is no different. Do you already have an account? Sound ; Have SP2, dotnetfx 1.


Faster, yes, but not incredibly agteway. They will always be incorrect. The Gateway Athlon has a new keyboard, so I eliminated that machine from the list.

Sony laptops have good keyboard layouts, but the machines have the unfortunate quality of being built by Sony, which at this point in its lifecycle cannot even build a proper phone answering machine.

Over the past two years its incorrect plug size has eaten away at the power input jack, a component that is soldered to the motherboard. What kind of sound card is on the t? gteway

Anyway, Gateway has no idea why the driver won’t load, one of the tech even remoted in fateway tried the install several different ways run command, setup. Yes, my password is: But the conversation went well and I felt confortable with the two individuals I was working.

Gateway M360 Laptop User Manual

Do not settle for a pamphlet. I blew out Vista and put Windows Server and now my sound does not work. Windows xp clean install with unknowd device Dec 8, So go to the store and judge for yourself, my opinion is not worth expressing.