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This is by no means an adequate replacement for a support call with HP, if possible. Re-ran the sr-probe command and it now shows only 1 lun. Qlogic fibre channel adapter driver for hp proliant blc. The hardware support team doesn’t know much about configuration problems, but he said it seems to him that the problem lies with the HBA configuration. Use selection box below to navigate to the resource page for your adapter and Operating System. I will post the exact specs of the HBAs tomorrow.

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He did not go through all the steps to figure it out because we were using unpaid time for him to hha us. AHA 11i v3 only: Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. I do believe the issue is likely to be related to QLogic HBAs or the way they communicate with the storage box. I talked to HP.

Andrew, thanks for your detailed feedback. If you do see discrepancies allow a short time for the HBA to pick up the changes.

Not hpae3311a right answer, but we have deadlines to get some stuff set up. At this point there were still no luns on ths san. Hva, Thanks for the response. Andrew Levine on Dec 15, 8: Dmitry – Couple questions before I perform those steps. I am not aware of any LUN info caching on the server.


Well, the same exact issue exists using the standard install of XenServer, which leads me to believe the problem is outside of the HP portion of the product. Deleting an active path is impossible since multipath will deny removing an active map.

HP AEA Fcsr 4gb Pci-e Hba – SMART IT Hardware and Services

I probed for storage, and it found the new lun. No HBAs, no multipathing. Addressing your questions in order: Andrew Levine on Dec 31, 9: A single driver strategy per OS allows storage administrators to easily deploy. Please provide as much detail as possible on your Qlogic cards, XS version, storage version etc. hpad311a

Issues connecting to SR’s on HP MSA FiberChannel SAN – Storage – Discussions

You seemingly use multipath. By the way this particular storage device has not been tested with Xenserver see HCL site. I then erased that lun on the san, and created a new lun 1 that was MB. I was planning to boot to normal non-HP XenServer today and see if that makes a difference.


Once done, please reboot the server and repeat your tests. Andrew, any update from HP on this issue?

This is probably not normal, but then hbw it depends on what is being done, storage type etc. Posted December 15, It is interesting to see that having created a LUN does not necessarily reflect the changes immediately – as you say above creating 1 LUN shows nothing, but creating 2 more shows those two LUNs.

HP StorageWorks FC1142SR Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter

What can I do to resolve this? Posted December 17, As stated above, multipath commands above do not affect existing paths, the idea is to clean up paths that no longer exist.

My understanding is that multipath commands described above are safe to execute, as this is not about removing hpae31a1, but only updating the daemon configuration. The driver version listed is 8. Regarding the path failure messages, I get them both when adding and deleting LUNs.

He thought the issue was with multipathing.