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The Number of cores in a CPU. Developer Platform – restricted -. OS Proprietary – restricted -. Connectivity Information about some of the most widely used connectivity technologies supported by the device. Support for the playback of media encoded in the 3GP envelope, with the H codec. CSS Columns – restricted -.

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Image resolution Information about the maximum image resolution of the secondary camera. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Device Motion event. The frequency of the processor describes its clock rate l cycles per second.

Information about the set of instructions the processor can execute. JS Web Workers – restricted. The device is distributed with Windows Phone pre-installed.

i-mobile IQ II – Specifications

What do you think? The 2 flash bulbs emit a bright light, which could help you when a flash is needed. Device Name Device Vendor i-Mobile. More channels mean higher data transfer rates. Just like L1, it is much faster than the system memory RAM. Overall, the image quality is standard, with some white balance issues under certain circumstances, such as when taking pictures of the blue sky, and some other indoor scenarios.


The browser supports CSS animations. CSS Transforms – restricted. The color depth of a display. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports console. Streaming Stream 3GP H. Posting Quick Mobule – Please Wait. JSR37 – restricted.

Verify that a page protected with SSL is displayed properly. In some processors the search in L1 and L2 is simultaneous. Touch Screen – restricted. Chipset Name – restricted. Perhaps the biggest letdown of this device will have to be the RAM. Verify that the browser behaves as mmobile.

OS Windows Phone – restricted. Brand Brand name of the company that manufactures the device. MP3 – restricted.

[Review] i-mobile IQ II (Android One): The Best Of Android Comes To Thailand!!

Information about the capacity of the built-in storage k the device. The device is able to perform voice calls using cellular connectivity. Level 0 cache memory L0 Some processors have a level 0 cache memory, which is accessed quicker than the L1, L2, L3, and so one cache memories.


Is Games Mobule – restricted. There was a problem updating your opinion. The ability to display a GIF87 image embedded in a mobile web page, using a tag such as img or object.

Screen Height – restricted. Are you a developer?

Data in the RAM is lost after the device is turned off or restarted.