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Example of a memory configuration The screenshots below show examples of the hardware configuration and associated software settings in PG5 for a PCD2. M with hardware older than E48 can not be updated to firmware version 1. The file with the latest firmware version can be downloaded from At this point, the following known restrictions apply: R or a PCD3. Below a list of the used flash chips:

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The controller is designed specifically. In such cases, motherborad on-site visit will be necessary. In case there is a PCD3. Is set to 1 if the module receive a not know instruction.

How to know the functionality based on the library number? Symptom If the relevant port is assigned in MC mode, the diagnostic flag TBSY is indicating that the serial port is busy sending characters. Verify the configuration of the port. M5 then it isn’t possible to establish a connection. The “Break mode” is not supported on the PCD2. At all other stations, the jumper must be set to OPEN factory setting. motherbaord


Manual PCD1/ PCD2 Series

This version is delivered since week 18 of I am unaware if thats my board number. Counting and motion Kxxx: In order to use these flags, the firmware needs to be updated to version 1. This firmware has been officialized and introduced into production in week 30 of The RIO Status web page does not allow to clear the diagnostics.

Just ignore this message and clear the history messages. M5xx0 with several PCD2. The filename will be corrected with the next service pack for PG5 2.

External modems can also be connected to the PCD7. The shields should be as short as possible and of the motherbozrd possible cross-section.

In case you are concerned by this restriction, please send your PCD2.

Realtek* AC97 Audio Driver for Desktop Boards

Ping request from over rooter from different sub net is not respond. Although these Intel 8th. Please note The W1xx modules can not be replaced by other analogue input modules without adapting the user program of the according PCD!

M varies from 0.

Manual PCD1/ PCD2 Series – PDF

W1xx had 4 input channels and 12 bit resolution. Memory reserved for compress task Aditionally there is one sector of the memory reserved for the compressing task. A jumper can be used to configure whether the monitoring is activated. Mtoherboard some cases, usually after a lot of backups which have been executed, the error bit 7 flash task already started or 8 flash error is set with firmware older than 1.


Program example for W, linearization of analogue values Software Program example for W, linearization of analogue values – PG5 program example for the use of the linearization of the analogue values.

See attached document for wiring information in this case. Please read these updated terms.

For most of sensors, which are used in differential mode, no problem could be detected from other inputs. Mxxx0, the communication stops working after a sent broadcast. When updating the firmware of the PCD from a version 1.