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This doesn’t make sense to us since we only have one line item. The process for assessing operational impact also lays the groundwork for executing preventive measures, developing workarounds, and establishing restoration priorities. Confirm the existence of newly identified vulnerabilities and install patches. Disconnect non-mission essential -critical networks Employ alternative modes of communication and disseminate new contact information. What can we expect next from the perpetrator?

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Military operation, contingency or exercise planned or ongoing requiring increased security of information systems. Confirm indocon of newly identified vulnerabilities and install patches. The criteria and response measures are also of value to foreign intelligence Services in assessing the jnfocon of a CNA and in analyzing DOD’s response.

Some factors may fall into more than one category. Identify any interim workarounds. Services, combatant commands, and Defense agencies may dictate more frequent internal reporting to subordinate components.

Infocon Systems

NormaL Activity No significant activity. DOD organizations are frequently confronted with unauthorized access to information systems.

Conceptually similar to ‘status of resources and training system’ sorts. Combatant commands, Services, and DOD agencies will designate a reporting authority and establish reporting procedures for organizational entities under their jurisdictions. Ensure all mission critical information and information systems including applications and databases and their operational importance are identified.


Ranges from subtle alterations that may not be noticed to complete destruction of the jnfocon, rendering the file, database, or transmission unusable.

CSIRT, InfoCon Alerts

To effectively operate in this environment, knowledge of the adversary’s identity cannot be a prerequisite to execution of defensive strategies and tactics. See Appendix C for various assessments to consider. What critical applications and databases are impacted? Report violations of the law such as unauthorized access to military computer networks and systems to servicing military counterintelligence organizations IAW DODI Conduct maximum level of auditing, review and critical file back-up procedures.

Don’t understand why many of our transmissions are over the 1 KC size. Great value, easy to use features, just all around excellent product.

The INFOCON inocon a comprehensive defense posture and response based on the status of information systems, military operations, and intelligence assessments of adversary capabilities and intent.

Listed below are several measures that can significantly reduce the risk of successful attack against a critical information system.

Greatest value in the EDI market place! Local commanders must determine if a change in one alert status will cause a corresponding ihfocon in another alert status. For instance, changing passwords to lock out unauthorized access to valid accounts may not be prudent if a sniffer has been installed which can capture the new passwords.

All DOD activities should conduct periodic back-ups of files critical to mission accomplishment, IAW Appendix E, reference a and locally existing guidance. Technical reporting will be accomplished IAW reference A.


Although much objective data is available on which to base the decision, the final judgment for declaring an INFOCON change rests with the commander. Reroute mission-critical communications through unaffected systems. The Information Operations Condition INFOCON recommends actions to uniformly heighten or reduce defensive posture, to defend against computer network attacks, and to mitigate sustained damage to the DOD information infrastructure, including computer and telecommunications networks and systems.

Possible defensive actions for transmitted information include point-to-point encryption, flooding transmission lines with useless information, employing COMSEC procedures limit traffic, use codesusing cover accounts. In today’s network-centric environment, risk assumed by one is risk shared by all. Conduct education and training for users, administrators, and management.

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These procedures are effective immediately and will remain in effect until superseded by DOD instruction. Additionally, response measures directed by combatant commands will take precedence over response measures directed by Service INFOCONs when applicable. Minimal success, successfully counteracted.